“Where am I sitting?”

Couples often ask about their seated reception “Do we really need assigned seating with place cards? Can’t the guests just sit anywhere they like?”

Arranging your seating chart prior to your wedding day can sometimes feel like a task better suited to a UN official – especially if there are family tensions you have to deal with. Although it may seem like an overwhelming task at the time my definite response is always “yes” – and here is why you don’t want free seating…

You get to pick who you want to sit next to on your special day

Can you imagine sitting down at your wedding and old Aunty Joan has popped herself in prime position next to you? Assigned seating means you get to surround yourself with your besties, the friends who have travelled the longest distances or the ones with the fun dinner time banter. Don’t leave it to chance.

The late comers

If you’ve got friends like me when the call for dinner comes they will be the ones at the bar – happily having a chat and in no rush to be seated. If they wander into the reception at the last minute with no allocated seating there will only be a couple of seats left at different ends of the room. This means partners and groups of friends will often be spilt up as guests already seated won’t want to move.

Keep your parents where you want them

Assigned seating makes sure you can place your parents where you want them – it might be up the front  – or maybe up the back with their friends and close family. Either way they will be where you tell them to be.

“Are there nuts in that?”

It’s quite common for there to be a long list of dietary requirements or allergies for wedding guests. Assigned seating lets your event organiser know exactly where they are so they can be served the correct meal to cater for their dietary requirements.

Pop the families at the end of the table

If you choose to invite kids/babies to your reception it’s important to allocate their families a seat closest to the door should they need to make a quick escape later in the night. If they choose a position closer to the middle, when families leave earlier than expected it can create a big empty ‘hole’ on the table and stops conversation flowing.

For these reasons we absolutely recommend allocating seating to your guests, it creates a smooth night for yourself, your guests and your suppliers – allowing you all to relax and enjoy the party!

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