How do I create the perfect wedding playlist?

Josh and Chris make up the band ‘The Funk Thieves’. This talented duo aim to recreate classic tunes and deliver them to any and every audience with charm and composure. Josh & Chris proudly play some truely groovy tunes and are sure to get all your wedding guests having a boogying great time!

This week I asked Josh some questions about choosing the right playlist for a wedding, why he loves playing at weddings and what his favourite song is (read on until that one – it’s wedding d-floor must have!)

How long have you been playing music for?

Hey guys, Chris and myself have been playing music since we were too young to remember but we started playing together in 2009 when Chris moved from the big smoke. We’ve had a few different alterations to our act in that time but it’ll be 11 years this year!

What style of music do you play?

Well, as the name suggests we do a whole heap of funk, but we also dabble in RNB, soul, reggae and blues/rock just to keep it interesting!

Why do you love playing at weddings?

We love playing at weddings because everyone is there for a good time, so lot’s people dancing, singing and in general having a blast. We love being able to provide great entertainment for couples to make their day memorable!

What should couples consider when they put together their wedding playlist?

This is a tricky one, but consider who is coming to your wedding, their age, music tastes, are they likely to dance etc. There is no point in having a loud rock band if the guests are more keen to sit and chill. That’s why we have three different options, chill solo music for the afternoon, Funk Thieves for that part of the night where dancing is important, and then DJ Dangerwaves (Funk Thieves evening DJ alter ego) to play any tracks that we don’t play as a band that people want to get all nostalgic over! 

What song do you get requested the most at weddings?

No prizes for guessing this one. Horses. Pretty close to Everytime We Touch. 

What has been your strangest music request at weddings?

Probably the oddest request was after we had finished music for the night, so we’d played a whole bunch of funky tunes and at least a dozen times said ‘we’re the Funk thieves,’ and this one guy yells out ‘Play some Metallica’. My response was to say ‘Well, we are called The Funk Thieves, if that gives you an idea of what we do…?!’ He didn’t respond.

What is your all-time favourite song?

Chris’ all time favourite song is Britney Spears ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ and my favourite is Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’.

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