Comedy Nights at Cedar Bar

So you’ve heard about the Comedy nights at Cedar Bar but want to know more details before booking your tickets? We’ve answered all your questions!

How often do you host the show?

The third Thursday of every month!


Where is it held in the venue?

In our private function room at the back of the venue with unreserved seating. We have a mixture of bar tables & stools, and theatre style chairs laid out in a relaxed style.


What can I expect?

Doors open at 7pm and the show kicks off at 7.30pm. You get to watch a variety of up-and-coming comedians with an interval half way through. Show usually finishes between 9-9.30pm but you can leave earlier if required.

How do I buy tickets?

Either online through Coffs Comedy or take the chance and buy them on the day at the door. Coffs Comedy offers discounted early bird tickets so our hot tip is to purchase online!


Do I have to buy dinner to watch the show?

No. Our bar & restaurant is open from 5pm so you can purchase drinks/dinner/dessert if you choose but is not required.


Can I eat dinner and watch the show at the same time?

Yes Рarrivals are suggested by 7pm so you can order before the show starts. We encourage dinner bookings online: Please note in your booking they are you going to the comedy  and we can make sure we have a table reserved for you in the function room. You can arrive early and order/eat dinner before the show too. Dinner open from 5pm.

Can I come by myself?

Yes! It’s a great night out – whether you come in a group or by yourself. Laughs are guaranteed!


Can kids come?

Our suggestion is no – expect adult content & language.



If you have any other questions about the show shoot us an email at and we hope to see you there!

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